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    Remember during the Halloween episode when Alison told the story of the two twins that fought over the doll and one twin killed the other. My guess is that, the story was true and that Alison was the twin who killed the other. Alison killed Courtney as a kid. Alison has issues with controlling her rage and it turns out for the worst.

    Alison grew up missing her sister, and probably playing pretend tea party or something where it got to a point that she decided to pretend to be Courtney, and from that point it became another personality. As Ali got older, Courtney got older and the sibling Rivalry got even more intense. But Ali was only battling herself but not realizing that Courtney existed.

    Her parents and brother knew but wanted to keep it a secret, especially in a town like rosewood where people judge and never mind their own business. They didn’t want to be an outcast, and they didn’t want their daughter to be an outcast. So they tried to maintain both Courtney and Alison.

    In the midst of this maybe Alison’s father wanted her to get help and her mother didn’t, seems like Mrs. D cared more about appearances than Ali’s father. This is what probably cause them to resent each other, being that Mrs. D cheated on him with Bethany’s father.

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    On August 16th one of our Pretty Little Liars Stars Shay Mitchell attended the 3rd Annual BeautyCon Summit and she looked absolutely flawless. I have added some beautiful HQ photos of her to the gallery.

    Gallery Link:

    - Pretty Little Liarsss > The Cast > Shay Mitchell > Public Appearances 2014 > 8-16: 3rd Annual BeautyCon Summit Presented By ELLE Magazine

    Posted on Aug , 29 2014 Filed under Appearances, Gallery, The Cast

    Pretty Little Liars won pretty big back on August 10th at the Teen Choice Awards and I’ve added additional HQ photos of the cast to the gallery.

    Gallery Link:

    - Pretty Little Liarsss >The Cast > Groups > Public Appearances 2014 > August 10th: Teen Choice Awards 2014

    Posted on Aug , 29 2014 Filed under Appearances, The Cast


    Mona Vanderwaal met an untimely end on “Pretty Little Liars” fatal finale Tuesday (Aug. 26) — and yes, Mona is really dead. Sorry, PLL fans.

    But actress Janel Parrish tells Zap2it that there will be plenty of Mona in the back half of Season 5, which she teases is going to dark place.

    Zap2it: We were so bummed out that Mona died last night.
    Janel Parrish: Don’t be too bummed, she’ll be back. She’s going to be back in a different capacity. She’s the new flashback girl, which I’m actually really excited about. I think fans will love it too. I know it’s sad to see her go as an alive character, but she’ll still be haunting Rosewood a little bit in some flashbacks and I think it’s going to be really great to get some backstory on her.

    How long have you known Mona was going to die this summer? What was your reaction when you found out?
    I found out the day before we had the table read, [creator Marlene King] called me and told me. At first I was really nervous because it was my last episode, and I was very sad because obviously I love being a part of the show. But the next thing she said was don’t worry, you’ve still got a job. You’re still going to be on the show ’til the end, you’re just going to be flashback girl. And I said, OK, I trust you. Continue Reading at Zap 2 It

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    An average of 2.3 million viewers — 1.3 million of them in the demo — tuned in to ABC Family’s deadly Pretty Little Liars season finale. By “deadly” we mean the finale became the second most-tweeted TV series telecast of the summer, behind only its summer premiere — driven by the #RIPMona hashtag. Mona Vanderwaal, played by series regular Janel Parrish, got bumped off just as she was about to reveal something big — by someone sporting long hair, and black hoodie. Parrish tweeted she’s now a flashback girl. The #RIPMona hashtag generated 339,000 tweets yesterday, including more than 200,000 tweets between 9 PM and 10 PM alone, making it the fastest-growing and biggest episode-specific hashtag Pretty Little Liars has ever seen.

    Pretty Little Liars was Tuesday’s No. 1 TV telecast in women 18-34 and females 12-34. It was cable TV’s No. 1 telecast with women 18-49 and the No. 1 original cable TV telecast in adults 18-34, adults 18-49 and viewers 12-34. Pretty Little Liars stood as Tuesday’s #1 cable TV telecast at 8 o’clock for the 107th-consecutive original telecast in females 12-34 – each telecast since its June 2010 series debut – 59th in adults 18-34, 66th in women 18-34, 62nd in women 18-49 and 70th in viewers 12-34. Continue Reading at Deadline

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    BwGRhhoCIAArANG.jpg large

    Posted on Aug , 28 2014 Filed under Spoilers, The Show

    HD Captures from the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars 5.12 Taking This One to the Grave  have been added to the gallery so check them out.

    Gallery Link:

    - Pretty Little Liarsss > The Show > Season 5 > Captures > 5.12 Taking This One to the Grave

    Posted on Aug , 28 2014 Filed under Gallery, The Show

    Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish has had to play a lot of versions of Mona Vanderwaal: Nerd, Queen Bee, mental patient and much more. But on Tuesday, fans were shocked — and downright sad — when played her latest role: A’s newest victim.

    After Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria (Lucy Hale) finally realized Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was the same manipulative schemer she’d always been, it was Mona who ultimately put the final piece together, uncovering proof that Alison was “A.” But after five seasons, Mona’s smarts and quick-thinking skills did her no good as a faceless blonde — presumably Alison — shut her up for good. Continue Reading…

    Source: TV Guide

    Posted on Aug , 27 2014 Filed under Interview, Spoilers, The Cast, The Show

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