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Alison’s trial begins, and big secrets are revealed, while the PLLs try to follow up on possible clues left by Mona.
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Additional HQ Pretty Little Liars Finale Episode Stills

andrea      Mar 28th, 2015      Gallery ,The Show      0 Comments

Some pretty amazing stills have been released after the Pretty Little Liars Finale aired, obviously I can see why they were released after because they are super spoilery so check them all  out in the gallery, and enjoy.

Gallery Link:

- Pretty Little Liarsss > The Show > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5×25 Welcome to the Dollhouse

You gotta give them credit…

Coco      Mar 28th, 2015      Media ,The Show      0 Comments

According to Marlene King’s snapchat (imarleneking), everyone was hard at work all night.


There’s a new character coming to Rosewood!

Coco      Mar 26th, 2015      The Cast ,The Show      0 Comments

‘Pretty Little Liars': ‘Project Runway’ Alum Heads to Rosewood for Recurring Role

The character will appear on the ABC Family drama’s sixth season.


Pretty Little Liars is adding a new girl to the mix in season six.

Project Runway alum Dre Davis has landed a recurring role on the ABC Family drama, which wrapped up its fifth season Tuesday.

Davis, who was a model on Project Runway in 2010, will play the tomboy-ish Kimberly Brown. Kimberly used to brim with confidence, but she has to deal with a lot in order to get her old self back.

PLL‘s sixth season will mark a new focus for the show, as the Liars find themselves trapped in A’s compound and trying to figure out the true identity of the mysterious Charles DiLaurentis.

Season six premieres in June on ABC Family.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Want to relive the season finale? Click through these pictures.

Coco      Mar 26th, 2015      Media ,The Show      0 Comments

Have we seen Charles before…? Read what Oliver Goldstick had to say.

Coco      Mar 25th, 2015      Spoilers ,The Cast ,The Show      0 Comments


On last night’s season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars, the identity of Big “A” was revealed to be someone named Charles. According to some old home videos that Spencer found, it certainly seems that Charles is yet another son of Mrs. DiLaurentis, and therefore a brother to Ali and Jason—not to mention a potential half brother to Spencer. Also revealed in the hour: Mona is alive and well. That is, if you consider being trapped in a real-life dollhouse to be “well.”

Following the finale, we took our burning questions to executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who told us a little about Charles’ personality—and what comes after “A.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you say if Charles is a twin, or is he just related to the DiLaurentis family?
OLIVER GOLDSTICK: I would just say the latter is what’s most important right now.

Is this a character we’ve seen before?
Yes, we’ve seen this person before. Indeed we have.

I’m curious about Charles’ personality. Give me three words to describe him.
First of all, don’t settle that it’s definitely the name Charles, because an anagram is an anagram. We definitely have gotten a big clue here. But just know that this person is fiercely intelligent. I would say “devious,” and the word “wrathful.” That’s an SAT word for you. I didn’t say “vituperative,” I said “wrathful.” I could have said “vituperative,” but I’m not going to do that.

Once we hear his story, do you think fans will empathize with Charles?
I wouldn’t rule that out, because this show has been that since the beginning. Look who Alison was when we started 120 episodes ago. Would you ever have empathized with this girl on any level? I’m hoping we’ve done our job to make you go, “You know what? Things are not what they seem.” In this town, things are not what they seem. So even with Alison, I think she’s living proof on this series that you might empathize with the least likely person.

You DON’T want to miss what Marlene King said about Charles!

Coco      Mar 25th, 2015      The Cast ,The Show      0 Comments

“Pretty Little Liars” postmortem: Marlene King talks finale

andrea      Mar 25th, 2015      Spoilers ,The Show      0 Comments

How long has this “A” been tormenting the Liars?

MK: Well Mona says that when she was in Radley, this “A” stole the game from her. She was playing the game with this “A” but then this “A” stole the game from her. So if we believe what Mona said — and I am currently believing that — then this “A” stole the game from Mona, starting at the beginning of season 3.

From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, how long have you in the writers’ room know that “Charles” would be “A”?

MK: We started when we knew that we were going to give the fans the identity of “Original A,” which [is what] I call Mona, “Original A.” It was before we started writing the scripts for that. We had three or four ideas of who we thought would be a great candidate to steal the game as “A” from Mona, and then very early on in season 3 we decided who that character is.

We had all different types of mysterious characters in Rosewood: Red Coat, Black Widow, etc. Are we going to be getting answers soon as to who was hiding in each of these disguises?

MK: Yes, absolutely, Yes. The finale and the next 10 episodes answer every single one of those questions. Read More at CBS News

The summer finale title is…

Coco      Mar 25th, 2015      The Show      0 Comments

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