Month: December 2021

Love Makes the World Go Round

How does love work? Many people can honestly classify the feeling - especially in the beginning - as being addicted. As it turns out, scientists have found that some of the same chemical processes are at work in both addiction and falling for someone. Humans are hard-wired for romance because, in part, they were made to take care of their defenseless babies. That may not make sense but think about it for a moment. In effect, the same joy humans find in babies, they find with each other. In fact, only 3% of the world's mammals, besides humans, form "family type" relationships along the same lines that humans do.Romantic love both motivates and exhilarates the human species. This type of affection is also vital to the continuation of our species. Without these types of romantic attachments, humans would live in an entirely different society revolving around the "social circles" that are seen in the animal kingdom. What makes a person fall for another is actually another aspect that is hard-wired into the human species. Some of these are environmental but most come from the evolutionary cycle. In all actuality, there is a template for your ideal partner buried deep within your subconscious. Why does the person across the room attract your eye? This is what your internal template relies upon. First of all, their appearance is very important.

Studies have shown that humans go for those who remind them of their parents or another significant person in their lives. The same thing goes for personality. People tend to want to be around those who remind them of their parents or other significant people because of their likes and dislikes, sense of humor, their personality, etc. Pheromones, albeit debated, is a weighty topic in the field of romantic research.Even though the use of pheromones for attracting mates have been widely known about in the animal world for quite some time, researchers only found its existence in humans in 1986. Researchers went further and found that even smells are important aspects of love. When two people fall for each other, there are many processes at work - both environmental and evolutionary - that brings those two together, even from across the room!