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Justin Bieber on #PLL Satire

Diana      Oct 14th, 2011      Media      0 Comments

Let me say this first and foremost for those who aren’t aware of what satire is: JUSTIN BIEBER WILL NOT BE ON PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. This article is a joke, it’s completely making fun of Justin and of PLL in some ways. We’re just sharing because some people are bound to get a kick out of this and it is PLL-related. Again, THIS ARTICLE IS NOT TRUE – JUSTIN BIEBER WILL NOT BE ON PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Originally posted by Weekly World News!

HOLLYWOOD – Justin Bieber is going to make an appearance on ABC/Family’s hit show – Pretty Little Liars. Is he “A”?

Justin Bieber has been a fan of the hit ABC/Family show for the last two years. His manager and agents have been trying to get him on the show – and they’ve finally succeeded.

Pretty Little Liars is coming back for the last half of Season Two with series of exciting shows starting in two weeks.

Fans of the hit show are still dying to find out who “A” is – a mysterious person that has been taunting the Pretty Little Liars. Some are speculating that Justin Bieber may turn out to be “A”.

“Oh my God, that would just destroy me. I love Justin. I don’t want him to be ‘A’,” said rapid teen fan, Ashley Morgan from Park Ridge, New Jersey.

There are other rumors coming out of Hollywood that Bieber makes an appearance on the show, but is immediately killed off.

The shows producers are keeping tight-lipped about who “A” is and whether or not Bieber will have a role in the big finale in December. They will say that Justin is proving to be a fantastic actor and that they believe he will be even bigger as an actor than he is as a singer.

“He’s amazing. I think he will quickly be put in the category of Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s probably better than all of them combined,” said the show’s executive producer, Mandy Winston.

Many television insiders consider Pretty Little Liars to be the greatest show that has ever been made for teenage girls and maybe the best show ever written for television.

“It has everything intrigue, sex, fun… the show is a blast,” said longtime television producer, Conrad Goldman.

Will Bieber still be able to continue his recording career? Will it interfere with the baby he is about to have with Selena Gomez:

Well, he told WWN in a private interview that he thinks he can do it all. Pretty Little Liars is just the beginning.