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Marlene King Teases Ezra’s Death, Courtney, and A PLL Movie

marlene-king-parle-de-la-suite-de-la-serieMarlene King, executive producer of Pretty Little Liars, managed to make it to the first day of the Keep A Secret convention. While fans may have been upset about this shortened appearance, she made up for it by giving away two days’ worth of spoilers in her one day visit.

Rumors have been spiraling out of control about the death of Ezra Fitz in the season four finale, who in the mid-season finale was revealed to be ‘A’. Marlene would neither confirm nor deny this rumors, but she did roughly say this on the subject: “Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about season five. However, I can reveal to you that I cannot imagine the rest of the series without the character of Ezra.” So while Marlene never actually said if he lived or died, reading between the lines, we’re inferring that our beloved English teacher will survive the season. We certainly hope so, anyway!

Another topic of interest to fans at the convention was whether the crew had ever considered shooting an episode in France, as many American series do. “Yes, we have considered it,” Marlene said. “We would first shoot an episode in New York, and then, perhaps, one in France. We discussed it and the cast dreamed about it!” It doesn’t sound like there are any concrete plans to make this happen, however. Marlene also teased a film of Pretty Little Liars after the show’s end. “We have so much story to tell. We still have 23 episodes to come… then I hope for a sixth season and maybe even a movie after.” We think she forgot to mention seasons 7-30 in there somewhere.

Marlene also briefly talked about a couple characters who you may be wanting more of. Asked about Jason, she said that despite Drew Van Acker’s busy schedule now that he’s also filming Devious Maids, the DiLaurentis brother would be making an appearance in a couple more episodes in season four. The real questionable character, however, is Courtney. In the books, Courtney DiLaurentis is Alison’s twin sister, and fans of the novels have been theorizing for some time that she might make an appearance on the show. On that topic, Marlene would only say, “It’s a secret! Of course, we do references to the books in the series. There are clues, but nothing is sure.”

Source: Melty